World's first Chinese to receive UK innovation visa for 7 days without interview


The world's first Chinese was granted a UK Innovation Visa without a 7-day interview and a guarantee letter was granted without a 3- day interview


Customer background:

Ms. Q. studied in the UK eight years ago and obtained a master's degree. After returning to China, I worked as a clerk in a financial company. The client has experience in studying and living in the UK, has always recognised the education in the UK, and misses the life in the UK, and always hopes to have the opportunity to bring the child back to the UK again.


When the client studied in the UK before, she once invested in a local Chinese restaurant in the UK. Her friends have been operating in the UK and the restaurant is still operating normally. Asked about her views on investing in the UK, she said, "She is very aware of the local demand and economic development in the UK and is very optimistic about the UK market. Although Brexit is a foregone conclusion, stable operation is not a problem. Earnings have not been affected, and compared to the time when studying abroad, the exchange rate of the British pound renminbi was once as high as 15,16, and now is the best time to invest in the UK , so she chose Wailian to assist her in handling immigration as soon as possible.


Select investment process:

Because applying for an innovation visa has very strict requirements for the company's innovation, feasibility, and scalability, customers did not choose their own company, but decided to choose the innovative company we recommend.

Based on the customer's background and customer needs, we matched the four related companies one-to-one to the customer within one week , and arranged a video conference between the customer and the owner according to the wishes of the customer. After several video conferences, the client finally confirmed the investment and joined the job, and at the same time, participated in the daily operation of the company as a shareholder and an ordinary employee.

[At the same time, because Wailian has a huge client platform, we have selected high-quality partners for our clients, and joined her as the company's Chinese partner to participate in the business].


Application process:

After the client confirmed the investment, Wailian quickly wrote a business plan for the client, prepared relevant corporate materials and client personal information, and submitted an application for a guarantee letter for her while conducting interview counselling. In only three days, the client was approved without interview Guarantee.



After successfully get a letter of guarantee, followed by another Wailian to customers ready to submit a formal visa application materials, and in September 25, 2019 to submit online, in the middle because of the small long-Day seven days of leave, authorities stop accepting, October On the 9th, I received a notification and submitted the materials to the visa centre. On October 18, I received the good news of the client's approval. It took only 7 working days from the formal submission to the approval !



Full timeline

2019.05.28 Signed with Wailian

2019.08.05 1 to 1 background matching, selected items

2019.09.14 Wailian assistance in preparing application materials and applying for a letter of guarantee

2019.09.17 Guarantee letter without interview ( only 3 days )

2019.09.25Submit Online

2019.10.09 Paper delivery

2019.10.18 visa approved ( only 7 working days )


Case difficulties:

1)    Customers have their own unique opinions and industry needs for the project. Wailian will have nearly 300 strong library of exclusive projects , and ultimately help customers find favourite items and match policy requirements.

2)      In terms of investment rights, Wailian assists clients in conducting business communications with business owners multiple times to protect the rights and interests of Wailian clients , and finally reaches an investment agreement that is recognised by both parties.


Testimonials from customers:

The strength and specialty of Wailian is beyond doubt. In the UK immigration sector, Wailian is at the forefront of the industry. Whether it is selecting projects or preparing application materials, it has demonstrated the expertise and advantages of Wailian.

The rhythm of the entire application process was very well grasped, and each node was very accurate. Within a week, four outstanding projects that met the requirements of the New Deal were quickly matched. Corporate materials and my personal materials were quickly prepared, allowing me to get interviews free for 3 days. When I arrived in the New Deal guarantee letter, I submitted the 7-day visa for approval, which greatly surprised me. Thank you very much for the professional support and service of Wailain so that I can take my children to start a new life in the UK.

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